Pengaruh Penyuluhan terhadap Peningkatan Pengetahuan Kesehatan Reproduksi Wanita di Era Pandemi COVID-19

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Dini Widianti
Zwasta Pribadi Mahardhika
Angga Rizki Oktavian
Astri Annisa Wigati
Mahesa Kurniati Putri
Maydina Sifa Fauziah
Shadrina Safira
Shintadewi Rachmah Setiowati


Introduction: The COVID-19 disease has an impact on the disruption of routine services and other health priorities including the provision of reproductive health services. Public awareness and knowledge of cancer including risk factors, efforts to prevent it, symptoms that arise, and early detection of cancer are still lacking, so it is necessary to increase knowledge to the public. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of counseling on the level of knowledge of the target group on breast cancer and cervical cancer in the pandemic era as well as to socialize about COVID-19. Methods: Research is carried out through Zoom Meeting media with educational media PowerPoint presentations, videos, and BSE demonstrations with an average number of 40 participants. The pretest was given a google form link that was distributed by the teacher to the WhatsApp group of the parents of students. The material was continued with a question-and-answer session and filling in the google post-test form. Data were analyzed by calculating the average pre-test and post-test scores to see the differences in participants' knowledge before and after counseling. Results: The average pre-test results of the participants were 6.7 and the post-test 9, analyzed with SPSS. There was an increase in participants' knowledge after counseling, it can be seen from the average score obtained from the post-test results that were higher when compared to the average score of pre-test average. Discussion: Counseling was deemed effective enough to educate parents or guardians about reproductive health, as seen from the enthusiasm of the participants during the activity and actively asking questions during the question-and-answer session. Conclusion: In conclusion, counseling can increase the knowledge of participants.


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Widianti, D. ., Rifqatussa’adah, Mahardhika, Z. P. ., Oktavian, A. R. ., Wigati, A. A. ., Putri, M. K. ., Fauziah, M. S. ., Safira, S., & Setiowati, S. R. . (2021). Pengaruh Penyuluhan terhadap Peningkatan Pengetahuan Kesehatan Reproduksi Wanita di Era Pandemi COVID-19. CoMPHI Journal: Community Medicine and Public Health of Indonesia Journal, 1(3), 125-131.
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